My high school crushes (or some of them)


High school was a blast, and I doubt anyone would contest that. On my case, I practically did nothing but travel around the country competing in various tilts (mostly writing and quiz bees). I didn’t even care about my grades then. I felt like I can get away with anything, kaya pwede pang pumetiks.

Yeah, I know. She could have told me before that she'd be this hot 13 years after.

Parang sagabal ang studies sa love life, when it should be the other way around. And now I’ll be spilling the beans, hoping that they won’t bite me in the ass kasi high school pa kami nung huling magkita. They were practically kids back then running around without underwear. Nyehe, peace!

Speaking of kids, I was in second grade nung una akong nagka-crush. I’m not sure if she knew back then, though it was kind of obvious. Dahil para syang manika nun, trip na trip ni fellow classmate Ruben makipagrambulan sakin. Karibal nya daw ako kay Jhing kaya kelangan namin syang pag-awayan. (Ang haba ng hair ni Jhing, pakiparga!) But not until fifth grade, when I kicked his then-fat ass in a MILO-sponsored taekwondo tournament.

But then punit-punit pa sapatos ko nung Grade 3 kami, so zero chance pa rin.

But then high school came, and my sight was fixed on my biggest crushes– Myra and Abigail. They’re like two of the top three reasons why I went to school as often as I can.

As much as I’d like to post Myra’s photo here, I can’t because as far as I can remember she isn’t the biggest fan of social networking sites or even socialization in general. She was more of the cuddler, and I remember her fondness sa paghaplus-haplos ng tenga ko– habang natutunaw akong parang yelo. We were in the same campus journalism team kaya parang baliw yung classmates ko at nya pag nagsusunduan kami for the training. Abigail was Myra’s bestie, kaya pag magkasama silang dalawa sa iisang kwarto ay nagliliyab ang buong school.

Miss ko na tong batang to (Abigail)

Dami ko pang crush nun, marami din sa kanila ngayon e wasted. I would also have screwed Rieza, Jocelyn, Yani, Fym, Chiarra, Tressiani, Hannah, Melinda, Kristine, Hayden, Gwen, Laidee, Decevy, Lendie…and pretty much everybody else. But I didn’t, good boy ako e!





Hoy Hann, bad yan!

Damn, pag nagkamilagrong nagbabasa na ang schoolmates ko e patay ako sa kantyaw. Or not. If you will, I’m gonna punch you on the throat. Di masakit yun.


28 Responses to “My high school crushes (or some of them)”

  1. angge Says:

    Sumbong taka doh!

  2. Alvin Says:

    Nganong walasi Barbie?

  3. bei Says:

    For the nth time, you have been mentioning names. None of them includes mine. Pretty slick, huh?

  4. neil Says:

    makagawa nga rin nito minsan. kaso marami na me asawa sa kanila. 😀

  5. edhz ... wapakels Says:

    pre type ko ung lendie ^_^ @ carl

  6. Novelyn plan Says:


  7. fiona Says:

    hahahahahhaha,,,, tanx

  8. fiona Says:

    hmmm maayos na pagkakagawa ng story..

  9. ram Says:

    now i know who’s on the list! lol!

  10. joan A Says:

    hala.. padami ng padami ang pictures! haha halaka carl :))

  11. carL Says:

    padami nang padami mga nare-reveal na crush e! wehehe..

  12. jellian Says:

    hahaha.. carl, I won’t ask your permission but I will post this link to jimmarie, as in now na..:))

  13. Arzie Says:

    Waaaahhhh…..AS IN????now I know..U’re not that showy… kaya hhindi halata…and kahit cguro bestfriends mo hindi! BS kba? hehe BSIT bah..!!

  14. Arzie Says:

    and c kiang2x (chiarra) crush mo rin..kababata ko kaya parin ngayun..i guess..the last time i saw her was january this year ata..

  15. Jill Says:

    O? anjan pala ako?? haha.. wala akong nakitang jellian. :-p

  16. Jhing Says:

    Crush din kaya kita dati,,Alam mo yon

  17. Karen Raquel Says:

    Grabe bei! hahahahaha

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