Roces for you


Writing about the hottest volley belles in the country is fun. Ranking them up is exciting. But for them to actually reply to what you write about them is absolutely orgasmic! (Crap, I used the wrong word, didn’t I?) Sorry, belles, but what I just meant was it felt pretty good. Damn good.

Pinahaba ko pa, e gusto ko lang naman ipagyabang na nag-comment si Ellaine Roces sa blog na to! Yep, Ellaine Roces of University of the East. Nakakakilig! Nyehe.

For the pitiful ones who don’t know her yet, well, she’s one of the prettiest faces to ever don that UE jersey. Big sister nya si Suzanne Roces na Philippine Team member lang naman ng women’s volleyball.

I kind of asked about her sexual preference in a post counting down the hottest belles, kung saan ay nasa list sya. She happened to have read it, then flat out answered that a she puts a smile on her face as of the moment. I was a little sad that she had to turn to another woman to be happy, but we’re in a democratic country and sexuality is anyone’s choice. She seems to be happy with who she has right now, so let’s just leave that to her.

Roces is red (in love).

I guess kelangan nalang talaga nating hintayin na makita nya ako. Malay natin, magbago ulit isip nya. Nyaha, loko lang po!

Nga pala, Ellaine. Who’s got the biggest boobs in the UAAP? Come on, alam ko brave ka naman e!


7 Responses to “Roces for you”

  1. cath Says:

    Wow ganda niya

  2. ellaine roces Says:

    slamat po.. =)

  3. say Says:

    Is this true!? hindi pala “snobera” si Ellaine nho?

  4. ballerspinas88 Says:

    Sawa na ko sa volleybelles, courtside reporters naman oh. ito i got some cute pics for you guys. take your pick. XD

  5. chic Says:

    bakit hindi niya sinagot yong tanong?

  6. neil Says:

    stalker? 😀

  7. carL Says:

    nyaha! fb friend po, and we send each other messages naman, at alam nya tong story na to..

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