Cha Cruz pics by request!


Tatlo sila

Request ni Shel na nag-comment sa HOTTEST UAAP volleybelles post ko. Kaya with no further ado, heto’ng sa’yo!:

Closeup na bang maituturing to?



Lasing? Di naman siguro. Nakainom lang.

With a fan

Di naman masyadong makulay ang buhay e

Kinukumpleto ko lang yung bagong HOT 10 ng volelybelles. Suggest ka din, baka may di pa ako kilala. Thanks!


13 Responses to “Cha Cruz pics by request!”

  1. em23me Says:

    hey bro, haha, i just saw this! nice nice. =)

  2. carL Says:

    teka..real name mo nga pala, em23me?

  3. mabz16 Says:

    im a fan of cha cruz. at dhil dyan, fan na din ako ng blogsite na to! hahaha! sana meron din pics na puro cha at paneng. hahaha! request request.. request pala tong mga pics ni cha eh! haha!

  4. carL Says:

    pwede, pre..
    kasi awesome twosome nga naman sila..
    …Cha kinda flew under the radar for me, I didn’t expect her to really be in the top 3. But when an online friend said she’s a contender, I got curious and started browsing for more photos of her. I’m glad I took a second look.

    Now I realize how pretty she really is, and that she has long been reaching for the ceiling along with Paneng. They’re like the Super Twins of DLSU: pretty ladies who are explosive athletes, graceful aerial partners and deadly hitters. Look at the photo–she’s got a machine gun–she’s firing at you!…
    excerpt ng HOTTEST UAAP mo nalang dito sa blog ko..

  5. ballerspinas88 Says:

    Sawa na ko sa volleybelles, courtside reporters naman oh. ito i got some cute pics for you guys. take your pick. XD

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Ang gnda mo ba DNA kelangan. Ng gnyan

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