Top 10: 2010 NBA All Stars thoughts


As usual, it has been three quarters of show time and the fourth was winning time. The Eastern Conference All Stars got back at their rivals the Western counterparts in a wild windup. The West must have missed big time super clutch Kobe Bryant who’s out with an injury.

The Flash: NBA All Stars 2010 MVP

10.) 108, 713 in attendance at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which warrants for a Guinness World Record

9.) Melo steals Dirk’s heroics. I anticipated a Dirk Nowitzki show because he’s from the host city, but just when he’s getting  the West back in the game, Anthony grabbed the last shot that could’ve won the game. Wanna punch him in the throat.

8.) Rookies blast Sophomores. For the first time in 8 years, the freshmen class refused to get bullied by the second year men. My favorite rookie Tyreke Evans won the MVP and shared it with second round pick Dejuan Blair.

7.) Sure win for Texas Shooting Stars. With a triumvirate of pure shooters in Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki, San Antonio’s Becky Hammon and Houston’s Kenny Smith, there’s hardly a question to who’s winning.

6.) All Star snub: Aaron Brooks. I wanted to reward him for holding the fort at Houston without their two superstars. What’s stupid is Tracy McGrady was almost voted as All Star starter for being injured for about 268 years now.

5.)Steve Nash wins his 2nd Skills Challenge. My dream set would be Nash, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul and Tony Parker.

4.) Paul Pierce pockets 3point shootout. Did ala-Larry Bird and bragged that he’s one of the better shooters in history. I don’t think so, Paul. Not in my wildest dreams.

3.) All Star Game MVP. How about the Top 4 players of the 2003 Draft slugging it out for the award? (LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh) Miami’s Wade won it eventually, deservingly.

2.) Nate Robinson wins 3rd dunk crown. But where’s Dwight Howard when we need him? He seems to bring out the best in Nate, and this year would’ve been a better contest had he joined. Instead, Shannon Brown and Demar DeRozan disappointed everyone by not picking up a fight.

1.) All Star snub: Shaquille O’Neal. I would’ve loved to see him strut his stuff instead of Al Horford out East. Well, I admit mainly for entertainment value. But Atlanta’s 4th in the conference and has two representatives, Boston is 3rd in the East and has three, while Cleveland has the best record in the league but only has one player sent to the All Star festivities.

Ateneo hotties


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    you’re really into something like this rit\ght? kakaasar kong iisipin.. anyways i dont even know if i still have the right to feel jealous… no text, no call, no post messages and reply to FB and whatever… but.. i still have to wait for another tiresome months of thinking things over and over again… regards to all these hot women you have listed and ranked….

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