PGMA: At the sunset of her presidency


As opposed to what everybody else is led to believe, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is neither the Devil’s daughter nor its personal secretary. I think it’s just that the ratio of the credit given to and the criticism slapped on her is approximately a staggering 3 is to 256. In whichever angle you’d like to look at it, it’s not the healthiest of ratios.

Ilang tumbling na lang, tapos na sya.

I’m not her lawyer though. It’s not my job to bore you away with a lengthy list  of her achievements, her publicists take care of that. After everything’s said and done about her taking on the reins for almost a decade, I’d remember her as the economist and strongwoman. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t agree that corruption and power greed highlight her administration.

Pero sige na nga, sa tingin ko e nakakapanakit-pwet din yung isang dekadang pag-upo.

Economist, and what I’ll remember most is how the country seemingly never felt the global inflation. Kahit nga Amerika bumagsak ang ekonomiya e, but we’re lucky enough to have a president who’s best strength is about the economy. Instead, GDP soared.

Strongwoman sya kasi di tumalab ang sangkatutak na attempts para paalisin sya sa pwesto. Actually self-explanatory to e.


Di ko na ime-mention yung negatives about her, kasi I’m sure marami ka nang naiisip. Di naman siguro sya lahat gumawa ng pag-cheat sa elections, pagsayaw sa NBN ZTE scandal at pagpatay ng maraming tao sa Maguindanao. Di naman ata kaya ng isang tao to.

Hindi pa naman ata sya mamamatay, pero ayos na rin yung bigyan ko ng credit yung most-hated president in history. It’s a political paradox nga that we clamor for change and yet we’re too skeptical. And we don’t even believe that we can change for the better, kaya mahihirapan tayo kung weak leader ang susunod sa kanya.


7 Responses to “PGMA: At the sunset of her presidency”

  1. harr Says:

    harhar ayos sa relax harhar

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i will be a follower…:)

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