HOTTEST UAAP volley belles (2/2?


AS PROMISED, here’s the upper half of the countdown. I’m mighty glad about the amount of responses, and most of the suggestions mattered in the completion of the list along with my personal research. A large portion of the criteria went to the players’ ability to drop your jaw like a cartoon character, make your eyes thrice bigger and draw you closer to your computer monitor. For some, it’s when you suddenly feel like God’s unfair in distributing physical beauty. I mean the main deciding factors are of course the face, body and kapal ng buhok sa kili-kili.

Toni Tan (UP). Did I miss her?

As if to say I’m not the biggest pervert, I also took into consideration their volleyball talent, personality and popularity. I hope that suits well for you instead of cleavages or sex scandals.

Actually, there still is quite a bunch of lookers who are not in this list. Seeing UP’s Eileen Quejas and Toni Tan, Ellain Roces (UE) and Shaira Gonzalez (FEU) all make Anton Roxas’ and Erik Tipan’s commentating a little less irritable. Anyways, here are the Top 5:



Even with Denise Tan by her side, she still holds her own, don’t you think so? Last two years or so Denise looked like she just had three more platefuls of extra rice when I saw her in person, and Angeli looked deprived of breakfast. This open spiker is still skinny, but is undeniably pretty.

She might be lean, but she’s very mean and has definitely got swagger. Her devastating right hand qualifies for a deadly weapon! Still, you wanna be her boyfriend, but you’ll be careful not to start a fight. Unless you want fingerprints on your sorry face for three days.

4.) GRETCHEN HO, Ateneo

Gretch, jersey number 3 dito.

That chinita look has always been a weakness of mine, and I’ve got Heart Evangelista to blame for it. She has the makings too in terms of body, but I thibk she needs to get rid of some baby fats first.

With the number of options the Eagles have, Gretchen takes what’s given to her by setter and fellow sophomore Jam Ferrer. And most of the time ,she delivers. Not bad for a hottie who had to try out just to get in the team.

3.) CHARLEEN CRUZ, De La Salle


Cha kinda flew under the radar for me, I didn’t expect her to really be in the top 3. But when an online friend said she’s a contender, I got curious and started browsing for more photos of her. I’m glad I took a second look.

Now I realize how pretty she really is, and that she has long been reaching for the ceiling along with Paneng. They’re like the Super Twins of DLSU: pretty ladies who are explosive athletes, graceful aerial partners and deadly hitters. Look at the photo–she’s got a machine gun–she’s firing at you!


Paneng. Sarap kurutin!

I love how I can utterly call her Paneng (her nickname), makes me feel like I’m more than just another fan. Hope she won’t mind, she’s got no choice anyway. More than just the nickname though, Paneng is the league’s premier high flyer. She has that bionic left leg and a picture-perfect form in the air when she approaches for a spike.

A photographer's dream girl

Furthermore, it’s good she’s becoming more of a leader this season by being more vocal on the court. From being known just as the daughter of Lydia de Vega, she now has a solid chance to be the face of UAAP women’s volleyball.



Granting a Friendster fan request..

She just might be the cutest thing to ever step on a volleyball court, and she’s not just a little girl in a blue-and-white. This sophie’s got so much promise in her game and is already the team’s second option on offense.

Right after a shower, smile pa rin for a fan. Nice.

Fans adore her mainly because she owns an ultra cute face, but the fact that she also has something going on beneath that Ateneo onepiece is hotter. And hey, watch out as this busty cutie fully develops the curves, because she’ll be around a  couple years more.

Thea Africa, NCAA's best bet



78 Responses to “HOTTEST UAAP volley belles (2/2?”

  1. enchanter Says:


    >>wala po kasing broadcast ng ncaa volley e, kaya i’m not that familiar sa players..

  2. jmtv Says:

    Next time hottest court side reporter naman (uaap & ncaa)
    syempre si Jessica Mendoza n mananalo…hehe

    >>yep, jessica mendoza is among the top court side reporters..pero pag all-time, may laban si gretch..

  3. ooooooo Says:


    >>tumpak! may tama ka!

  4. unknown Says:

    go fille,thea,gretch

    >>go, go, go!

  5. emotional Says:

    1.gretchen ho
    2fille cainglet
    3.thea africa

    xa shakey’s v-league nga poh pala ung csb mapapanood!!

    >>nbn ba?

  6. trail27 Says:

    fille and gretch

    -agree with thea africa…..2 thumbs up for her

    >>sa akin 3 thumbs up na!

  7. claire Says:

    Gretchen Fullido

    >>you have a case there, darling..

  8. rllqph Says:

    wat a list!


  9. trail27 Says:

    wala nah atang ngpopost ahh!!:(

    >>sensya po, got busy..

  10. claire Says:


    >>yep, any suggestions?

  11. ako lang Says:

    si Paneng ang top 1 ko. hehe.
    cool write-up though.

  12. trail27 Says:

    1.fille cainglet/gretch ho
    2.thea africa/jed montero
    3.rachell daquis/denise tan
    4.steph mercado
    5.toni tan

  13. trail27 Says:

    weyt nlimutan qoeh,,


  14. em23me Says:

    cha cruz is the ultimate, men! =)

  15. em23me Says:

    yeah dude, dun ko lang napansin si gata! pero still, cha cruz pa rin ako. hahaha!

  16. clarisse5 Says:

    1.gretchen ho 2.fille cainglet 3.thea africa 4.clarisse yeung 5.jed montero 6.rachel daquis 7.denise tan 8.steph mercado 9.joanne siy 10.maricar nepomuceno

  17. shel Says:

    kindly put some pics of cha cruz,.tnx

  18. em23me Says:

    pare, damihan mo pics ni cha ha. hahaha. salamat.

    • carL Says:

      sige, em..payag..

    • carL Says:

      ano pa bang di ko pa nasabi tungkol sa kanya? nyehe..kaya lang medyo nawala sya ng konti sa championship series e noh?

      • em23me Says:

        haha. bahala ka na pre. or kahit puro pics na lang? haha. oo nga e. nung game 1 di ko siya naramdaman, siya talaga yung missing link. pero bumawi naman siya nung game 2, galing niya magset, i think, if it wasn’t because of her, no more set 4 for them. sayang lang din, too late na rin para makahabol pa sila.

      • carL Says:

        exactly..i wanna write about other sports personalities naman..mga tipong hotties parin..

      • em23me Says:

        haha. sige pre, para maiba naman.

  19. fille anne Says:

    yeah… damn right… fille is the cutest and the best!!!

  20. trail27 Says:

    1.gretchen ho 2.fille cainglet 3.thea africa 4.clarisse yeung 5.jed montero 6.rachel daquis 7.denise tan 8.steph mercado 9.joanne siy 10.maricar nepomuceno….

    >>>copy qo lan post ni clarisse5!!

  21. carL Says:

    trail27 na ba talaga itatawag ko sa’yo?

  22. i love paneng Says:

    the best is paneng and charlene cruz i love both of them lalo n kpg they’d play volleyball go ANIMO la salle

  23. trail27 Says:

    qelan qa puh mgpopost ng new list?

  24. fillesterify Says:

    Fille Saint Merced N. Cainglet…..NAKAKAWINDANG!

  25. mabz16 Says:

    ‘i’ll go for cha cruz! nice blog..

  26. mabz16 Says:

    ‘hehe.. sige sir! thanks..

  27. camille Says:

    cha cruz rocks………

  28. Keith Dovelle Ancajas Mainit Says:

    ba’t wala si daquis dito.?

  29. how do i apply for mycaa Says:

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