HOTTEST UAAP volley belles (1/2)


UAAP women’s volleyBALL games are a battlefield not just for the ladies’ supremacy in slapping BALLS aroundbut also for their ability to draw eyeBALLS onto them. The likes of Denise Tan (UST), Jed Montero (UP) and Charo Soriano (Ateneo) used to roam around the throne then owned by Rachel Daquis (FEU) and they provided us the necessary excuse not to wander elsewhere. What’s not to love about pretty ladies who kick ass too, right?

All hail the queen!

Angeli Tabaquero and Denise Tan

Dear Charo..Soriano

Last season queen Rachel used up her last year of illegibility and thus UAAP lost its most recognizable female athlete. That was huge considering that she was the heart and soul and liver of the league’s distaff side. This just means that the crown is pretty much up for grabs, and someone has to have the BALLS to rank them up in a list. Let’s get the BALL rolling!

10.) JOANNE SIY, De La Salle

Honestly, I don’t know if she’s just a fad or she’s for real. I like watching this rookie Archer on the court and if I do continue looking at her, I don’t even know what hit me! Joanne is tall and looks shy, kaya bagay ata kami! Nyehe! Kidding aside, my best guess would be her hair. With that do on, she looks like she just came from a catwalk and it amplifies her cuteness.

I’d like her to bring home that Rookie of the Year trophy or maybe the Best Blocker award because her defense is vital for their success right now.


Cutie pie, bagong flavor

If there’s beauty and brains in pageants, there’s cutie and skills in sports. She was last season’s ROY and she continues to prove her significance as libero of a superior system. I’ve almost always wanted Ateneo to win but I got four Lady Archers in this Top 10. I’ve never seen a UAAP team this close as a group: they share the same dormitory, bond together very often, share secrets, wear similar hair styles and beat the hell out of everybody in the way.

Anyways. Every time Melissa dives just to keep the ball alive (which happens often by the way), I genuinely worry over her like I don’t want her to be hurt or something. She’s so cute I wanna bring her home and cuddle up with her all day.


Maricar Nepomuceno to..Reyes yung iniisip mo!

I believe NU is not really the worst team on the planet, they have talented players as well, but they just can’t seem to pull off an upset over anyone. Maybe they lack fire, or a single dominant force like an Angela Benting (Adamson) or a Paneng Mercado (DLSU).

They’re like a small market team in the NBA, not too many fans root for them, because there’s nothing to cheer for. Except maybe for Maricar, who’s tall and such a pretty sight in the middle. If only her team can get out of the cellar, she’ll be as popular as Jed Montero (UP) and will plague your dreams forever.

7.) BEA PASCUAL, Ateneo

Sensya na, wala akong mahagilap na ibang photos e!

In my original list, I had Kara Acevedo in the upper half, but then she looks too different in her photos other than when I watch her on court. And she didn’t bother to reply to my Facebook message (if it was indeed her account). Still, I have three Ateneans, and it must be that new uniform!

Naturally, I’d say she’s BEAtiful, but she really is beautiful. She looks flat chested on court though, but besides that all other factors are favorable. She’s just one classy lady that you won’t think of banging her on the table. Might fire back for the many ordinary guys though, because she looks high maintenance. I doubt she eats isaw.


Is she hot or what?!

Among everyone in this list, I giggle like a girl the most when she scores a point. She’s where ‘maganda’ and ‘cute’ meet, much like Cristine Reyes– and man, that dimple is a killer! Give her your pambahay clothes and she’ll still be a stunner. Give her that Ateneo one piece and she’ll give you a heart attack!

Leuseht is the Lady Warriors’ best answer to Rachel Daquis, though she isn’t exactly a star player. Sayang, UE supporters can compete with FEU fans pa naman sana, as they showed in men’s basketaball. She would have been bigger, but she’s no Suzanne Roces and neither is UE going anywhere right now.

Jed Montero

HOTTEST UAAP volley belles Part 2 next week..players na nasa current roster lang po..try to guess the top 5!


96 Responses to “HOTTEST UAAP volley belles (1/2)”

  1. garie Says:

    walang puna

    >>ayyy..wawa naman!

  2. Westin Says:

    c gretchen ho

    >>she’s gotta be in the list, right? wait for the top 5 next week..

  3. jmtv Says:

    1. Stephanie Mercado
    2. Melissa Gohing
    3. Cha Cruz
    4. Gretchen Ho
    5. Bea Pascual

    >>dlsu vs admu ba to?

    • jmtv Says:

      oo naman noh… kung beauty contest ‘to eh dlsu vs. admu n s finals, pero syempre La Salle pa rin mananalo. hehe

      Looking forward to watch them again square off in round 2.

      >>pag beauty, admu ako..pero pag laro, dlsu..

  4. rinn_zoo Says:

    1. fille saint merced cainlet
    2. fille saint merced
    3. fille
    4. fille saint
    5. cainlet

    >>you’re not much of a fan ni fille noh? di masyado!

  5. trail27 Says:

    1.Gretchen Ho/Fille Saint Merced Cainglet -ADMU
    2.Anthea Bettina Africa -CSB
    3.Dennise Tan -UST
    4.Stephanie Mercado -DLSU
    5.Jed Montero -UP

    >>number 1 ko sa original list si gretchen ho..ngayon si ano na..secret muna! guess the top 5!

  6. Michelle Sevilla Says:

    1.renilyn kara agero
    2.stephanie mercado
    3.anthea bettine africa
    4.jacq alarca
    5.jed montero

    >>i’m getting curious over this anthea africa..honestly i think i haven’t seen her..

    • trail27 Says:

      so pretty poh ni thea africa….search nio poh xa google image…muse pa nga po cia ng basketball team ng csb ehh!!

      >>yep, i see the point now..ganda nga po! thanks!

  7. woops Says:

    1.rachel anne daquis
    2.stephanie mercado
    3.fille cainglet
    4.charo soriano
    5.cha cruz

    >>wow..ateneo vs la salle parin ata dito..

  8. isitokey Says:

    1. Denise Tan – UST
    2. Ange Tabaquero – UST
    3. Getchen Ho – Ateneo
    4. Jed Montero – UP

    >>nabitin ka din huh..nyehe..thanks!

  9. rllqph Says:

    hay… wala si angela benting….. huhu

    >>angela is quite a player, but the competition is quite tough too pagdating sa hottest..

  10. trail27 Says:

    fille cainglet,gretch ho,thea africa

    >>di ka din masyadong fan ng bagong one piece e noh?

  11. trail27 Says:

    more opinion pa poh!!!plissss

    >>sensya po, nag-isip-isip pa e..

  12. trail27 Says:

    xoRy pOh nA liSt qo c thea africa ehh csB nGa po pAla ciA eh xa ncaa ang beniDe eh pNg uAAp 2..oops xoRy nlImutan lng poh!!!

    >>i’d like to include ncaa din, pero wala kasing tv coverage e..mahirappag puro search lang ako..

  13. sichi Says:

    Illa Santos, Cha Cruz, Gretchen Ho, Dzi Gervacio, anne remulla (hehe)

    >>uuyyy, anne daw! nyehe..she’s super cute din noh?

  14. marcu Says:

    steph mercado
    cha cruz,
    leuseht dawis
    gretchen ho
    bea pascual

    >>naubos ata bala ko..

  15. trail27 Says:

    xA shAkEy’s v-leAgue pOh,,anDun uNg bEnilde so nKa coVerAge un,,kEa kiLalA nA pOh c tHea afRicA…tenks

    >>uhhh…sabi ko nga e..

  16. jmtv Says:

    bakit #9 lng si Gohing?

    My guess…
    Top 3
    1. Steph Mercado
    2. Gretchen Ho
    3. Cha Cruz

    >>hala..dami nyo pala supporters ni cutie..

  17. nikki Says:

    1. Stephanie Mercado
    2. Charleen Cruz
    3. Fille Cainglet
    4. Gretchen Ho
    5. Kara Acevedo

    *bakit pang 9 lang si Melissa Gohing?

    >>sorry po! convince me nalang! nyehe..

  18. MARLO Says:

    2. Fille Cainglet
    3. Stephanie Mercado
    4. Maruja Banaticla
    5. Gretchen Ho

    >>almost guessed the top 5..

  19. Abby Says:

    1. Charleen Abigaile Cruz
    2. Stephanie Mercado
    3. Fille Cainglet
    4. Gretchen Ho
    5. Maruja Banaticla

    >>maruja, pretty din!

  20. Bubeng Says:

    1. Cha Cruz
    2. Steph Mercado
    3. Fille Cainglet
    4. Gretchen Ho
    5. Angela Benting

    >>no benting here..the field’s too tough..

  21. miLee Says:

    1. ChaRo Soriano
    2.GretCheN Ho
    3.Steph Mercado
    4.FillE caiNglEt
    5.cHa cRuZ


  22. gilbert Says:

    1. Gretchen Ho
    2. Fille Cainglet
    3. Bea Pascual
    4. Kara Acevedo
    5. Stephanie Mercado

    >>solid tong ateneo hotties uh!

  23. shane Says:

    4.nepomuceno(hehe cUte xAh eh)

    “hmMmpft..bAt ganOn wLa mxAdo nG vOte sA FEU tEam???
    “un pAh nMan fAvoritE tEam qOuh..dAmi riN nMan sExy dUn ah.!!!

    >>yep..nga lang, rachel sucks all hotness sa feu bench..sorry..

  24. Anonymous Says:


    >>couldn’t get rachel off your mind pa rin huh..

  25. shuyinyuna Says:

    daquis yan sigurado

  26. jesiesabas Says:


  27. wAeL' wUnN' Says:

    1. fiLLe sAiNt cAin6Let ^_^
    2. jEd mOntErO 😀
    3. LeUsEht dAwis ^_6
    4. bEa pAscUaL (*_*)
    5. sTepH mErcAdO :p

    >>may tama ka! kay fille!

  28. trail27 Says:

    admu players,,lam nio na puh qun cino un..:D

    >>yep..the admu hotties..i’m sad for kara nga lang, i couldn’t get a decent photo of her..

  29. Monch Says:

    1. Santos
    2. Mercado
    3. Cruz
    4. Datuin
    5. Tan

    >>puro la salle oh! tsaka si denise..

  30. steph Says:

    1.gretchen ho
    2.fille cainglet
    3.thea africa
    4.steph mercado
    5.jed montero

    >>bakit 4 lang si steph? namesake mo pa naman!

    • steph Says:

      ADMU poh like qoeh eh,,so, xory poh!:'(

      npilahan na poh ng admu list qo..but lA SALLe ix da next..:D

      >>huh? nyehe..

  31. unknown Says:

    1.fille cainglet
    2.gretchen ho
    3.thea africa
    4.steph mercado
    5.jed montero

    >>pretty nga si thea noh?

  32. ken_08 Says: u!!

    >>may boylet ata si maricar e, selos din ako!

  33. ken_08 Says:


    >>di ko kaya gumawa ng smiley e, pero thanks!

  34. daquistah_03 Says:


    “fAvoritE qOuh eh..wLa kceO mgA2wA..hmMpft..

    >>nyehe, don’t worry, fave ko din sya..

  35. lcm Says:

    1. Fille Saint Merced Cainglet
    2. Dzi Gervacio
    3. Gretchen Ho
    4. Stephanie Mercado
    5. Jed Montero

    >>current players po..

  36. yanilea Says:

    Hi Karl, nice review of pretty girls huh. Can we do link exchange? Let me know, thanks.

    >>di ko intention na pretty girls pala andito!, xlink tayo..turuan mo ko huh, ganda ng bahay mo e!

  37. yanilea Says:

    Hi Carl, nice review of pretty girls huh. Can we do link exchange? Let me know, thanks.

    >>di ko intention na pretty girls pala andito!, xlink tayo..turuan mo ko huh, ganda ng bahay mo e!

  38. Andrew Aries Says:

    1. Fille Cainglet
    2. Gretchen Ho
    3. Bea Pascual
    4. Leuseth Dawis
    5. Stephanie Mercado

    >>ayos, lapit!

  39. Andrew Aries Says:

    mali mali mali!
    eto pla|!

    2. Fille Cainglet
    3. Gretchen Ho
    4. Denise Tan
    5. Stepanie Mercado

    >>counted parin ba si rachel sa feu coaching staff?

  40. faLcOniztAh_tAmAriztAh diN Says:


    sA bEauty aNd spikEs uNg rAte qOuh nA yAn…

    >>sayang feu, injured kasi shaira..

  41. ritche rich Says:

    1. stephanie mercado
    2. charleen abigaile cruz
    3. melissa gohing
    4. michelle datuin
    5. rachelle ann daquis

  42. trail27 Says:

    fille cainglet,gretch ho,
    thea africa,jed montero,
    toni tan..

    >>uxta nah puh kea jed montero??

  43. kirksten Says:

    c daquis parin asa!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    montero,mercado,cha cruz,nepomuceno,pascual

  45. carL Says:

    good 5..

  46. trail27 Says:

    fille cainglet/gretch ho,thea africa/clarisse yeung,jed montero,steph mercado,denise tan/rachel daquis!

  47. clarisse5 Says:

    1.gretchen ho 2.fille cainglet 3.thea africa 4.clarisse yeung 5.jed montero 6.rachel daquis 7.denise tan 8.steph mercado 9.joanne siy 10.maricar nepomuceno

  48. trail27 Says:

    1.gretchen ho 2.fille cainglet 3.thea africa 4.clarisse yeung 5.jed montero 6.rachel daquis 7.denise tan 8.steph mercado 9.joanne siy 10.maricar nepomuceno……

    <<<<copy qo lan post ni clarisse5

  49. fillesterify Says:

    1. fille saint merced cainglet
    2. thea africa
    3. denise tan
    3. clarisse yeung
    4. mj pepito
    5. gretchen ho
    6. bea pascual
    7. jed montero
    8. elisa cerveza
    9.rachel dquis
    10. maricar nepomuceno

  50. sophia Says:

    gumawa ka naman ng top 10 powerful spikes. hehehehe

  51. rafve Says:

    1.rachel anne daquis
    2.stephanie mercado
    3.gretchen ho
    4.melissa gohing
    5.joanne siy

  52. cardinal22 Says:

    1.bea pascual
    2.fille cainglet
    3.cha cruz
    4.south ramos/aileen quejas
    5.#16 of Adu:3
    6.steph mercado
    7.angeli tabaquero
    8.thea africa
    9.leuseht dawis
    10.joanne siy

  53. gamovaelena Says:


  54. Lyle Villacorte Says:

    –> USt’s belly.!!!!
    *maruja banaticla
    *denise tan

  55. Lyle Villacorte Says:

    —> MARU.MARU.MARU. ^.^

  56. khilua Says:


  57. Anonymous Says:

    ganda ate maricar

  58. Ashley Says:

    UST your the best…^^ i-panalo nyo angmga games nyo….

  59. Elisha daen Says:

    1.stephanie mercado2.dzi gervacio3.gretchen ho4.bea pascual4.fille cainglet5.cha cruz syimpre si ate steph ang pinakamaganda sa lahat ng players uaap women’s volleyball….

  60. ibo Says:

    1.rachelle anne daquis-feu
    2.charo soriano-admu
    3.fille saint mercede cainglet-admu
    4.bea pascual-admu
    5.gretchen ho-admu

  61. HEARTY Says:

    1.fille saint cainglet
    2.glaiza valdez
    3.gretchen ho
    4.allysse nacachi

    1.maricar nepomuceno
    2.carmina aganon

  62. jessica plaza Says:

    #1 lang tlaga dyan c FILLE SAINT MERCED CAINGLET noh!!!!

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  64. Jessah Mae Garbo Says:

    Top 5 Hotties/MaANgas na beauties at magagaling na spikers!

    1. Rachel Anne Daquis
    2. Stepahanie Mercado
    3. Denise Tan
    4. Gretchen Ho
    5. Fille Cainglet

    Wahahahaha…. love it

  65. Anonymous Says:

    lahat sila maasim kiki pagkatapos ng laro.. period… 😀

  66. Belles Fille Nu | SEX Talk Live no business Says:

    […] HOTTEST UAAP volley belles (1/2) | sportsCARL..yung red! – Dec 22, 2009 · I believe NU is not really the worst team on the planet, they have talented players as well, but they just can’t seem to pull off an upset over anyone…. […]

  67. Anonymous Says:

    hi idol

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