Why KPop pops


Pinoys are once again smitten by another Asian invasion . After Japan’s anime and F4 of Taiwan, here comes the sudden explosion of korean pop music or simply called KPop.

“Nobody” started this already worlwide frenzy. I mean the song, by an all-girl group named as corny as Wonder Girls. I have to admit though that when I first saw a group of college mates perform it, I kind of fell in love with the dance steps. Not too much of a shame really, considering that even Americans were also hypnotized by those hip and finger moves. Si Dean nga paborito sila e.

Then came Sandara Park. Huh?! Yep. Una syang dumating sa Pinas bilang Sandy na nagpaka-krungkrung sa Star Circle Quest (ano kaya kung nagtuluy-tuloy sila ni Hero Angeles?). She came back sa Korea for an indisclosed personal reason, at wala na syang binalikang ningning dito kaya minabuting dun sa SoKor mag-rebuild.

At ito nga, unloyal Pinoy fans are drooling  over her again for the superstar status ni Sandara dun ngayon. her name also became more classy, Dara na sya ngayon and she’s the face of another all-girl group 2ne1. She’s still a weak singer though, but an improved dancer. Habang pinagkakaguluhan na naman dito yung istoryang Meteor Garden o Boys Over Flowers (or whayever the title is) ay gumagawa naman sya ng commercial ad kasama ang lead actor ng bagong F4. Nice.

I don’t know why they named the group 2ne1, pero sana naman di dahil sa 21 years old silang apat (2ne2 sila next year?). Dara is the face of the group, Bom is the body, Minzy is the best dancer, CL is the leader, Bom is the body and Bom is the body. Bom actually has impressive vocals and is drop-dead gorgeous, aside from that hot body of course. I gotta say it’s impossible that she’s full Korean by blood. I mean, come on, Koreans are a pretty bunch but they have NO HUMPS AT ALL, something that Bom is blessed to have. can’t blame people for calling her the BOMshell.


Now you know why I keep repeating her name in this post.

Hopping onto the KPop fad bandwagon are Girls Generation, Super Junior, among others. What I don’t won’t can’t understand though is why these groups have too many members. Don’t you think so?

The best bet of the group won’t have much camera focus as he/she needs to get in order to shine brightly as an individual. let’s face it, there must be a standout in a group. That’s why there is someone called the leader, who on most occasions is the one with the best potential.

On the other hand, it’s pointless for the member with the least potential to be there at all as the 28th dick of a group named Banana Boys, right? Take for instance Girls Generation (GG, galunggong?) which has 9 members or Super Junior which has 13. Di na siguro kawalan yung 9th generation girl, at di na ganun ka-super yung 13th junior. Sure ako, may mga sabit lang talaga dyan.


I don’t know how long we’re gonna see these No Tit Girls on TV, but they sure are taking their grand time right now.

All I know is that I gotta go now. You know, time is money.


8 Responses to “Why KPop pops”

  1. gracy_nicy Says:

    where’s dara?

  2. carmelo antonio Says:

    maganda pala talaga si Bom seksi pati

  3. Aries Says:

    Pretty obvious naman..sexy…but there’s really something in her that i just don’t like it when she moves those hips..geesh.. Pero maganda talaga sya..as in..malagravity ang force na parang hinihila ka papalapit sa screen para matitigan lang…When I first saw her on screen, talagang tinitigan ko at paulit-ulit kong pinanood.. well syempre, kay sandara din.. I’m also a fan of her..”krungkrung” kasi.

  4. Dorm Boy Says:

    Hmmm crush ko na si Bom! Nice write-up! nagkaidea tuloy ako about sa KPOP… at kay BOM! hehhee!

    >>sweet discovery, huh?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    im just wondering how in the world this pretty girls got my man really that much.. addict. he’s an addict to these girl group. nagseselos na kaya ako im not just showing it that much to him.. hope he will find it sooner… at mabasa nya eto…

    i’m fully aware though that my beaurty aint gonna surpass what are theirs.. well anyway… the’re just koreans and i know well i owe his heart.. ako nga ba talaga may-ari? or i’m just dreaming and making myself believe it? hahaha basta i love the one who posted this!

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