Chris Tiu on Gilas’ first game


Today, we got clobbered, literally and figuratively, by the BK Whoopers! It was more of a boxing match than a basketball match. We expected it, but we didn’t see it coming this bad.

Our offense wasn’t so bad as we were still able to score 105 points and shot 47% from the field. BUT it was our defense that killed us, as we allowed 115 points for BK.

We lost the rebounding battle as well by 12. BK played a great game today as well and made the necessary adjustments. They shot 59% from the field! That’s excellent.

For me it’s not so much about the X and O’s. It was their viciousness that got us out of our normal rhythm. 4 flagrant fouls in the first half and Winnie Arboleda’s “attacking a fan” moment saw our 13 point lead disappear at an instant. Our players became hesitant to drive to the basket and dive for the loose balls. And that is what all coaches will probably instruct their players to do when playing against a younger, skinnier and faster team. It was a fitting initiation for us in our debut game in the PBA.

It was a sorry loss for the Gilas team. We don’t expect the referees to cut us some slack as seen today. It’s as if there were two different standards for both teams. But that’s precisely why we’re in the PBA as a guest team. We’re here to learn, to toughen up when playing more experienced and physical players.

It’s just really embarrassing to see a veteran/franchise player behave so unprofessionally. After getting away with a slap to the face of JV Casio, an elbow again to the face of JV and a football tackle to Mac Baracael, he still hasn’t had enough and goes up to the stands to beat up a Gilas fan (who i do not know, contrary to reports). All that in just 3 minutes. I am really curious to see what actions or inactions the PBA will take for such actions.

Nevertheless, it was an entertaining game. See you Wednesday vs Talk and Text.


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