New Big 3 bags No. 17 for Boston


Ray Allen. Paul Pierce. Kevin Garnett.
After the smoke has finally cleared, the Boston Celtics went winning. Big time. Though they bludgeoned the Los Angeles Lakers to get their rings, it was not really an easy journey for them. Now here’s a little time to take a look at how sweet that journey was.
Even from the start, nobody would seriously want to think of it– of bringing in Kevin and Ray alongside their resident star Paul. No one even just thought of it. But for the Celtics, all things seem falling in the exact place as if the championship was meant for them.
Many would call it desperate. Others call it a miracle. But for them, it’s destiny.
In the off-season, KG was looking to suit up for a change of atmosphere after spending his lifetime in Minnesota as the lone Timberwolf. Can’t blame him, you know it. He’s been the heart and soul of his former team all along. Management kept him happy by giving him what he deserves financially. But as it turned out, money was not his first priority. As expected, many NBA teams courted him but Boston was the luckiest to eventually get him, in expense of seven all-important players.
Another personnel move made the trade possible– Ray Allen’s acquisition. Seattle took the bite and the sweet-shooting Candyman was already sinking hoops for the C’s. This left Boston with virtually no one but Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins. High risk, high reward, eh?
With the formation of the new big three, they were both invincible and vulnerable. expectations from the starters were sky-high, while the bench was dumped even before the season started. But the Celts took the challenge. 66 wins for NBA leadership and only 6 losses at home and 10 on the road. Best defense in the league. As for the big three? 58 points, 18 rebounds, 11 assists 4 steals, 2 blocks per game. Big 3 all going to the All-Stars. There, ’nuff said.
Though extended to the limit by their opponents in the first and second round of playoffs, they showed how fierce they are. And in the succeeding games, they showed how brute their force was really. 13 points margin of victory in their seven-game tussle against the young and athletic Atlanta Hawks, -1 against my boy LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. But when they sensed it was winning time already, the margin blew to 2 against Detroit but in just six games and 9 in just six also. Remember the last game of the season? 131-92. 39 point-reality. Devastating! Now, that’s what i call domination.


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2 Responses to “New Big 3 bags No. 17 for Boston”

  1. watusiboy Says:

    i think that you’ll be a teriffic sports writer. i can sense your passion in this article. keep it up! 🙂

    >>oh,, thanks huh..

  2. julius Says:

    galing mong magsulat dugo ilong ko don a basta para sa akin kobe pa rin mvp

    >>oh well, LeBron James is my man..2 years nang na-rob ng mvp si king james, pero dadating at dadating parin yung MGA taong sya ang mvp officially..pagbigyan nalang si kobe, deserving din naman sya..

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